OSHO cocom GOA project funds

march 2018 – regarding GOA property

in spite of false rumorsour 50 acre property in GOA is still available ON SALE

27 residents had moved to OZEN resort mexico

19 residents were refunded 45,25,800 INR approx 70,000 US$

21 residents refunds are due 1,09,83,800 INR approx 169,000 US$ *

the value of property is 7,00,00,000 INR or approx 1,000,000 US$

* we have repeatedly informed by email all these 21 residents they will receive their refunds once GOA property is sold.

financial statement & project updatewas published on 7 AUGUST 2012

most beloved residents and lovers of osho cocom


we have been waiting for goa government to officially announce the regional plan

 the last announcement was in 5 march 2011 that plans have been approved for quepem and ponda and they will be released in public by april.
the plan was released in may and withdrawn due to several objections and public scrutiny for 30 days and for filing objections.
the government has now announced that the whole goa 
regional 2021 plans will be released altogether in july august 2011
हमने सभी संबंधित अधिकारियों से बात की है और उनके समर्थन में एक बार क्षेत्रीय योजना जारी होने का आश्वासन दिया गया है और यह कि हमारी विकास योजना स्वीकार की जाएगी और अनुमोदित की जाएगी
अच्छी खबर यह है कि क्षेत्रीय योजना आधिकारिक तौर पर एक नया मुख्य सड़क और पुल जो छूता है और हमारे बाड़ संपत्ति गुजरता प्रस्तावित किया गया है. इस मुख्य सड़क के लिए हमारी सीमा के साथ चला जाता है 80 मीटर और इस घोषणा के साथ हमारी जमीन की कीमतें बढ़ गई है 8 बार यह भी हमें बचाता है 30 पुल के लिए लाख 40 लाख सड़क के लिए और 30 lakhs for electricity infrastructure costs.
this means a total saving of 1 crore alone while potentially raising our property value to above 20 crores due to becoming a main road property.
it has started pouring monsoon for the next 4 months and all has come to a stop 
till end october we expect that the goa regional plans announcement and official notifications will also be done by then which will allow us to begin construction in november 2011
It is unfortunate that the project has been delayed and this particular situation is 
only isolated to the state of goa where all construction are waiting for regional plan 2021 notifications.
for your information building projects all over india are normal and routine and it was expected that we would start building in november 2010 
as the goa plan was to be announced by then

 please appreciate and understand that over 25 sannyasins have been involved day and night in the project development so far preparing and clearing the land, accounts, planning and government liaison, project report and government meetings, architecture and structural drawings and approvals, materials sourcing traveling and purchase, legal work and paper filing, banking and accounts, property and materials management, website development and book editing etc etc…there is huge effort and work that goes into such a large project and each here has made their total efforts towards the cocom project.
they have all come to goa sacrificing their security and jobs and offered their time and support for this vision to make osho vision available free for all
this is our personal project and commitment dedicated towards our master osho 
and his vision
हमारी परियोजना स्वयं हमारे कुछ प्रेमियों द्वारा बनाई गई है और हम आर्थिक रूप से वित्त पोषित नहीं कर रहे है और न ही किसी भी अधिकारी ओशो संगठन या ओशो सेंटर जो ओशो से बाहर एक व्यवसाय बनाने में निहित ब्याज है द्वारा समर्थित
हम मुफ्त के लिए ओशो विजन की पेशकश करने के लिए प्रतिबद्ध हैं…
जो संन्यास आंदोलन में पूर्ण क्रांति है…

ओझेन रिज़ॉर्ट मेक्सिको परियोजना कोष

● ओझेन रिज़ॉर्ट का मूल्य है 22,000,000 US$

● कुल धन प्राप्त 6,225,000 US$

● कुल ऋण और कर्ज 642,000 US$

2007 – 2010 WORLD TOUR funds

स्वामी ओझेन रजनीश ने दुनिया भर में भेंट की सभी यात्राएं 100 ध्यान शिविर and events totally free.

swami rajneesh has never taken any income for meditation camps from organizers who only provided one single air ticket and food. all other major expenses for travels and events were funded from swami OZEN rajneesh earnings of hongkong days.